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How to Trace Interactions

You can trace interactions by using Interaction-level log records. You can view these logs using Genesys Administrator. The installation requirements for enabling the Interaction view are the same as for the Centralized Log.

Before tracing interactions, make sure that:

  • Management Layer components are installed and running.
  • Centralized Logging is enabled.
  • You are logged in to Genesys Administrator.

Then do the following:

  1. In Genesys Administrator, select Monitoring > Environment > Centralized Log, and select the Interaction tab.
  2. To view a single Interaction log record, click the triangle to the left of the record.
  3. To view all Interaction-level log records for a specific application or host, do one of the following:
    • Filter these records by entering the name of the application or host in the Application or Host field, respectively.
    • Select Provisioning > Environment > Applications or Hosts > <name of object>, and select the Interaction tab.

For more information, refer to Genesys Administrator Help.

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