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SNMP Support Functions

The Management Layer provides you, as a network administrator, with a way to monitor and control Genesys applications when using an SNMP-compliant third-party network management systems (NMS) user interface. This functionality is available in two implementations:

  • Built-in support using the Genesys SNMP Master Agent component.
  • Net-SNMP, an open-source tool that is configured using the Genesys SNMP Master Agent Application object. Available starting in release 8.5.1, this implementation provides the same SNMP functionality as the built-in support of Genesys SNMP Master Agent.

Both implementations provide support for an SNMP-compliant NMS, which means that Solution Control Server not only converts Genesys alarms into SNMP traps, but also processes various NMS commands and generates SNMP traps based on changes in the current status of an individual application.

The following requirements apply to the components that integrate Genesys 7 or later with an SNMP-compliant third-party NMS:

  • Solution Control Server must contain or be connected to SNMP functionality.
  • An SNMP Master Agent application must be compliant with the AgentX protocol. Use either Genesys SNMP Master Agent (available on the Management Framework 8.5.0 or earlier product CD) or one provided by a third-party.
  • The license file must contain licenses that enable the SNMP functionality of the Management Layer. Refer to the Genesys Licensing Guide for information about how to order licenses and set up the licensing system.

Depending on the type of NMS you are using, you may also need to modify it to ensure a successful integration. For example:

  • Make sure that your NMS knows the communication port number of the SNMP Master Agent.
  • If you use several SNMP Master Agent applications, make sure their communication port numbers are unique and are known to the NMS.

In addition, check documentation for your NMS to find out if:

  • You must load a copy of the Genesys MIB file into NMS so that your NMS can monitor and control Genesys applications.
  • You must modify your NMS as needed so that it can display and process SNMP traps that an SNMP Master Agent generates on behalf of Genesys applications, including SCS.
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