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How to Manage Third-Party Applications

In Genesys terms, a third-party application is an application not instrumented with Genesys libraries. This chapter describes which Management Layer functions you can use with third-party applications and how the Management Layer processes the related commands. It also lists the software prerequisites for and describes how to configure these applications.


In Genesys terms, a third-party application is an application not instrumented with Genesys libraries. The Management Layer can monitor, start, and stop a third-party application as long as that application:

  • Supports startup from a command line.
  • Starts if the computer it runs on is unattended (for instance, on a Windows computer with no user logged in); however, this is not mandatory.
  • Works without a console window on Windows; however, this is not mandatory.
  • Is registered in the Configuration Database as an Application of the Third Party Server type.
  • Runs on an operating system that Genesys supports.
You cannot perform the centralized logging and alarm-signaling functions (including switchover) over a third-party application because they require built-in support on the application side.

Required Components

If you have configured third-party applications in the Genesys Configuration Database, Management Layer can control, monitor, start, and stop them. Even if you do not use the Management Layer to start a particular application, the application’s runtime status is displayed. This functionality is also supported for:

  • Third-party applications installed as Windows Services
  • Third-party applications started with a script.

Managing third-party applications requires the installation of:

  • Solution Control Server
  • An instance of Local Control Agent (LCA) for each host computer running third-party applications
  • Genesys Administrator

The monitoring views and control commands are available through Genesys Administrator, just as they are for managing Genesys applications. Framework Genesys Administrator Help provides detailed instructions for viewing the applications, and starting and stopping them.

Configuring Third-Party Applications

You must create an Application object for each third-party application that you want to use, and configure it appropriately. [+] Show steps

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