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Redundant (HA) SNMP Master Agents

You can configure redundant SNMP Master Agent Applications for use by Solution Control Server (SCS) to communicate using the AgentX protocol if the current SNMP Master Agent is not available.

You must use 8.5.1 or later versions of SCS and LCA to be able to configure multiple SNMP Master Agent applications as HA pairs that SCS will recognize and connect. With earlier versions of Management Layer components, you must configure each SNMP Master Agent as standalone and make sure autorestart is enabled to allow the automated restart of SNMP in case of failure. In this situation, SCS will always use a single configured SNMP MA to report its status using the AgentX protocol.

Both Net-SNMP and Genesys SNMP Master Agent implementations of SNMP support redundant configuration when used with SCS and LCA 8.5.1 or newer. A redundant configuration consists of two SNMP Master Agent Application objects, one primary and one backup. When SCS loses a connection with the primary SNMP Master Agent, SCS switches all NMS communications to the backup. The only difference is in the redundancy type set in the primary Genesys SNMP Master Agent Application object—Hot Standby for the Genesys SNMP Master Agent implementation, and Not Specified for Net-SNMP.

The Application status for both the primary and backup modes is displayed as Primary for the SNMP Master Agent applications (Genesys Net-SNMP) that are configured as an HA pair.

Configuring Redundant SNMP Master Agents

To configure redundant SNMP Master Agents, do the following:

  1. Configure two SNMP Master Agent Application objects using the same instructions as for stand-alone SNMP Master Agents. Determine which one of these will be, in normal operation, the primary object, and which will be the backup object.
  2. In the Server Info section of the Configuration tab of the Application object that is to be the primary SNMP Master Agent:
    • Select the other SNMP Master Agent Application object (the one that is to be the backup object) as the backup server.
    • Specify the Redundancy Type appropriate for which SNMP implementation you are using, as follows:
      • For Net-SNMP, select Not Specified.
      • For Genesys SNMP Master Agent, select Hot Standby.

Starting and Stopping a Backup SNMP Master Agent

To start and stop a backup SNMP Master Agent, whether you are using Net-SNMP or Genesys SNMP Master Agent, refer to Starting and Stopping Framework Components.

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