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Your Dashboard page is your customizable home page in SpeechMiner. The Dashboard page can contain one or more views. Each view contains small applications interactioned widgets that display information or other content of interest to you. For example, a view could include a number of Report widgets to give you a snapshot of metrics and key performance indicators and a My Messages widget to display system messages.

Two types of views can be included in your Dashboard page:

  • Preset Views—views that were created by a manager or system administrator and published to your account. Preset views are only available in an Analytics environment.
  • Personal Views—views that you created manually in your Dashboard page. Personal Views are identified by giving them a specific name.
Depending on your permissions, you may or may not be able to add personal views and remove or modify any of the views in your Dashboard page. If you do not have permission to perform an action described in this section, the buttons or controls required for that action will not appear in your interface.

Opening a View

To open a specific view select Dashboard from the Main Menu and click the name of the view you want to open.

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