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New in this Release

This section describes the new features that were released in the 8.5.3 version of SpeechMiner.

  • New Quality Monitoring: 8.5.3 features an all new Quality Monitoring module, rebuilt from the ground-up. The new module features enhanced forms as well as improved workflows for scoring interactions and agents. Four new Quality Monitoring report templates are included in 8.5.3.
  • Exploration of text channels: Text channels are now included in Exploration tasks. Term clusters can be generated for chats and emails, and displayed in the Trending page.
  • Language enablement: Recognition of Italian and Mandarin audio is enabled.
  • Functionality changes: Three Dashboard widgets (Gauge, My Queues and Recently QAed) and the QM Agent Summary report were removed from SpeechMiner 8.5.3.
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