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Create a New Form

This page explains how to create a new Quality Monitoring form to be used in an evaluation session.


  1. Click Quality > Forms Manager.
  2. The Forms Manager grid appears.

  3. Click New Form.
  4. A blank form appears.

  5. In the Untitled Form field enter a name for the form.
  6. In the Description field enter a description about the form you are creating. (optional)
  7. Click Insert Group to create a group of questions about a specific topic within the form.
  8. By default one empty group already exists when you create a new form. For example, a form about agent/customer communication could have a group of questions called Interaction, containing questions about the interaction and another group called Agent, containing questions about how the agent handled the interaction.

  9. In the fields provided add a group name and group description.
  10. Click Insert to add a question to the form and select one of the following question types:
  11. For details about each question type refer to: Form Questions.

    Question Description
    Yes/No or N/A A question whose expected answer is either yes, no or not applicable.
    Choose from List A closed ended question that enables the user to select multiple answers from a list of choices.
    Multiple Choice A closed ended question that enables the user to select one answer from a list of answers.
    Free Form A text box for users to input short answers to the question.
    Sliding Scale A scale with a minimum and maximum value, where the maximum value represents a stronger association to the question.
    You can move the location of a question using the arrows provided Movequestion.png.
  12. If a question is mandatory select the Required check box.
  13. When Required is selected the user must answer the question before completing the form.

  14. Repeat steps 5-8 until the form contains all of the groups and questions you want.
  15. Tip
    Click Clone Group Clonegroup.png to create a copy of an existing group of questions.
  16. Click Weighting... to assign one or more of your questions a weight.
  17. Weights can only be assigned to Multiple Choice, Yes/No, Choose from List and Slide Scale questions.
    The weights indicate the relative importance of each question, and are used by the system to calculate the form's score.
    The sum of the weights for each form and each group must be 100%.

    Each form must contain at least one question that can be given a weight. For more informtion see: Configure Question Weights
  18. Click Auto-fail for a Yes/No, Multiple Choice, the minimum Slide Scale value or Choose from List answer, to create a form that will automatically fail when the user selects the Auto-fail answer.
  19. Click Done when you complete a group of questions.
  20. All of the group options will disappear and the group will appear as it will in the final form.
    To edit the same group simply click within the group. The group options will reappear.

  21. Click the Preview Form icon Previewform.png to review the form before you save it.
  22. Click the Active/Inactive option Inactive.png to activate/deactivate Activate.png the form. (optional)
  23. Only an active form can be attached to an evaluation. An inactive form is not available and cannot be associated with an evaluation.

  24. Click Save to save the form.
  25. The screen reloads with the Forms Manager and the new form appears in the list if it was saved.

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