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Metadata Manager

Occasionally, the terminology used for search result column names and metadata filter options is not a clear representation of the significance of the metadata (sometimes referred to as Key Value Pair).

With Metadata Manager you can change the names of metadata filter options and metadata columns in the search results so that the names clearly represent the meaning of the data.

To change the names you must have Metadata Manager permissions. In addition, the change occurs for all SpeechMiner users.

Change a search result column and filter option name:

  1. Select Tools > System Admin.
  2. Select Metadata Manager.
  3. A predefined list of metadata names appears.

  4. In the UI Term field associated with the Metadata Key's name you want to change, type the name that will appear in the SpeechMiner application.
  5. To save your changes click Save. To undo your changes click Reset.
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