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Private Conversations During Conference

SIP Server now supports T-Library requests TListenDisconnect and TListenReconnect. These requests can be used in a conference with three or more participants. Any agent who is using a T-Library desktop can submit a TListenDisconnect request to disconnect any other party from the conference temporarily. The disconnected party hears music and cannot hear the remaining participants, who can continue their conversation. Remaining conference participants also cannot hear the disconnected party. To return the disconnected party back to the conference, one of the agents in the call submits a TListenReconnect request.

If an agent disconnects another participant from the conference and then leaves the conference, the disconnected party remains disconnected until only one active participant exists in the conference. After that, SIP Server releases the conference and establishes the dialog between two remaining parties (the formerly disconnected and active parties).

SIP Server supports TListenDisconnect and TListenReconnect requests in accordance with the T-Library call model where SIP Server generates EventListenDisconnected and EventListenReconnected events in responses to the two corresponding requests. EventListenDisconnected is always distributed with AttributeCallState set to CallStateHeld, which indicates that the disconnected party cannot hear and cannot be heard by other members of the conference.

This feature must be used along with the LCTParty functionality enabled in SIP Server. The state of the disconnected party is reported to all call participants with the standard LCTParty EventUserEvent, which contains the LCTParty<n>_state extension key with a value set to ListenDisconnectedHeld, where n is a party index.

TListenDisconnect and TListenReconnect requests must have the AttributeOtherDN set to the party alias reported through the LCTParty EventUserEvent.

This feature depends on support from specific versions of Workspace Desktop or
a T-Library client. Consult corresponding documentation for the availability of this new feature in those components.

Feature Configuration

In the TServer section of the SIP Server Application, set the following configuration options:


Default Value: music/on_hold
Valid Values: The path to any valid audio file
Changes Take Effect: For the next TListenDisconnect request

This option specifies the path to an audio file to be played to the temporary disconnected party from the conference.

Feature Limitations

In multi-site deployments, Genesys recommends setting the sip-enable-moh to false on inter-trunk DNs, to avoid playing music to a remote party disconnected from the conference.

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