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SIP Server High-Availability Deployment Guide

Welcome to the Framework 8.1 SIP Server High-Availability Deployment Guide. This document introduces you to the concepts, terminology, and procedures that are relevant to SIP Server high-availability (HA) deployment. The information includes, but is not limited to, an overview of SIP Server HA architecture, HA workflows, and SIP Server HA-deployment procedures for Windows and UNIX operating systems.

This document can be used together with the SIP Server Deployment Guide during your deployment planning.

Find the information you need from the topics below.

About the HA Methods

Learn about the different ways you can set up SIP Server HA instances.

Deploying on Windows

Find procedures to deploy SIP Server HA on Windows servers.

Business Continuity

Learn about setting up Business Continuity (BC) in your environment.

Deploying on UNIX

Find procedures to deploy SIP Server HA on UNIX-based servers.

Configuration Options

Consult configuration options that are specific to HA and BC deployments.

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