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Disabling Media Before Greeting

SIP Server provides the ability to prevent establishing a preliminary audio/video connection between a caller and an agent before greetings are applied. This feature can be applied to scenarios where for a very short time a caller and an agent could hear each other before a greeting starts playing. SIP Server is able to disable the media connection between the caller and agent for that period of time before greetings are applied.

Feature Configuration

In the TServer section of the SIP Server Application (or in the DN object), set the disable-media-before-greeting configuration option to true.


Default Value: false
Valid Values: true, false
Changes Take Effect: Immediately

Specifies whether SIP Server establishes a call in hold state if greetings are configured to be played for a caller and an agent. If set to true, SIP Server establishes a call in hold state (an SDP to the caller and the agent is placed on hold/inactive state). If the recording is enabled, the SDP to a recorder is also placed on hold before the greeting is played. If set to false, SIP Server establishes the call in active state and the media is played before the greeting.

Note: This option can be configured at both Application and DN levels. Setting at the DN level takes precedence over the Application level. If this option is set at an Application level and if a particular DN does not support this functionality, this option must be explicitly set to false for that DN. For a DN-level activation of this feature, this option must be set for both origination and destination DNs.

Feature Limitations

  • This feature is enabled only when a call is delivered to an agent from a Routing Point.
  • This feature does not apply to a greeting after a two-step conference or transfer is completed.
  • This feature does not apply when TRedirectCall is used by an agent to whom the call is routed.
  • This feature does not work when early media is involved in a call.
  • The phones must accept an initial INVITE with the hold SDP.
  • In the case of the INVITE timeout from a Media Server, there is a delay in establishing a media path between a caller and an agent.
  • This feature is enabled only when MSML is used for playing greetings.
  • In the case of a multi-site call, this feature is enabled only for a greeting configured using TRouteCall extensions.
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