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Geo-location Support by GVP

Genesys software applies geo-location to multiple configuration objects. This enables Resource Manager to select the closest Media Server to the caller or agent, minimizing WAN traffic and telecom costs. SIP Server passes geo-location data to Resource Manager when Genesys Media Server is configured as:

  • a Trunk DN
  • a Trunk Group DN
  • a Voice Treatment Port (VTP) DN
  • an MSML Voice over IP Service (VOIP) DN
  • a Voicemail VOIP DN

This table matches integration modes with DN types:

SIP Server-Genesys Media Server Integration Modes: Required DN Types
Integration Mode Configure Genesys Media Server as this DN Type:
GVP Inbound mode Trunk DN
Outbound Integration mode Trunk Group DN and VTP DN
Voicemail Integration mode VOIP Service DN
(service-type = voicemail)
Media Server mode VOIP Service DN
(service-type = msml)

Added functionality has not changed the behavior of this feature. SIP Server puts the geo-location value of a call into the X-Genesys-geo-location header of the INVITE that it sends to Resource Manager, but only under these conditions:

  • if the call's geo-location is defined as a call property.


  • if the call's geo-location is passed as an extension in a T-Library request (such as TApplyTreatment and TRouteCall).

If neither is true, then SIP Server does not pass the geo-location to Resource Manager.
For example: some countries require that an incoming call's geo-location be passed as a call property, and other countries do not require it. Now you can configure Media Server to account for that.

Note: For more information about setting geo-location for a call, see Framework 8.1 SIP Server Deployment Guide.

Deployment Examples

GVP Inbound mode

  • Single Media Server with MCP farms located at a different geo-location
  • Multiple Media Servers each with MCP farms located in different geo-locations

Outbound Integration mode

  • Single Media Server handling multiple geo-location farms
  • Multiple Media Servers handling multiple geo-location farms

CTI through IVR Server (IVR-centric)

  • Single Media Server handling multiple media farms
  • Multiple Media Servers located in multiple locations handling multiple MCP farms

Voicemail Integration mode

  • Single Media Server and multiple MCP farms
  • Multiple Media Servers located at different locations handling multiple MCP farms

Strict Geo-location matching scenario

See Strict Geo-location matching scenario.

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