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PureEngage Cloud APIs

Information.png Note: Not all changes listed below may pertain to your deployment.

September 27, 2018

What's New

Workspace API

  • The Agent (Workspace) API now supports Chat.

Service Client API for Agent Desktop

  • The Service Client API now supports email and chat.

August 30, 2018

What's New

Workspace API

  • The Workspace API (also referred to as Agent API) supports development of custom agent applications that integrate with Genesys. These applications can include features such as:
    Inbound voice
    • Manage agent state
    • Perform basic call control
    • Perform conferences and transfers
    • Enable supervisor monitoring
    • Create, read, update, and delete user data
    • Enable call recording

Statistics API

  • The Statistics API supports access to contact center statistics. The API provides two models of access:
    • Subscribe/Notify model - Create a subscription and receive notifications
    • One-time retrieval - Retrieve the current values of statistics

Provisioning API

  • The Provisioning API supports creating users, modifying configuration data, and retrieving configuration data. Specific supported actions include:
    • Create, read, update, and delete users
    • Get skills for a user
    • Import and export users
    • Get DNs or agent groups
    • Create, read, update, and delete application options

Authentication API

  • The Authentication API provides authentication and authorization for client endpoints using OAuth 2:
    • Authenticate users, generate access tokens from grants, validate access tokens for resource services
    • The Authentication API is required as a prerequisite for accessing other APIs

Service Client API for Agent Desktop

  • It is possible to configure Agent Desktop to embed other web client business applications to improve overall user experience by removing the need for users to manage multiple application windows. Developers can extend the UI integration by using Service Client API to customize how your web application or website integrates with Agent Desktop. Genesys provides this window.postMessage based API so that your application can communicate cross domain with Agent Desktop while maintaining secured isolation. By monitoring various events provided by Agent Desktop, you can use the Service Client API to perform the following actions from third-party applications:
    • Get and set agent and media state
    • Enable click-to-dial
    • Control call recording such as start, pause, resume, and stop
    • Answer, hold, resume, and hang up voice calls
    • Mute/unmute Genesys Softphone microphone and speaker
    • Create, update, and delete attached data
    • Invoke a toast in Agent Desktop
    • Control case selection
    • Block and unblock the agent Mark Done operation

Known Issues

  • The Service Client API does not support the EXTERNAL mode with Microsoft Internet Explorer.

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