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Configuration namespace

You must work with your Genesys representative to enable and use this part of the Service Client API.


The Configuration namespace includes the following methods:


Signature <static> getOption(options) → {Array.<Section>}
Description Get configuration options and values for a specific option name or a subset of options from the [interaction-workspace] section or a custom section.
Name Type Argument Description
options string An array of configuration options or sections to return. Unless otherwise specified, the API will return options from the [interaction-workspace] section by default. You can specify any of the following:
  • A single option: genesys.wwe.service.configuration.getOption('voice.auto-answer', succeeded, failed)
  • A single option in a specific section: genesys.wwe.service.configuration.getOption('CustomSection/option.custom.customer.code', succeeded, failed)
  • Multiple options: genesys.wwe.service.configuration.getOption(['voice.auto-answer', 'privilege.email.can-mark-done'], succeeded, failed)
  • Multiple options in different sections: genesys.wwe.service.configuration.getOption(['privilege.*', 'CustomSection/option.custom.customer.code'], succeeded, failed)

You can use an asterisk '*' as a wildcard, but only at the end of each word. For example:

  • voice.*
  • voice.auto*
  • sipendpoint.*
  • CustomAPI/test.*

You cannot use an asterisk at the start of an option or section. For example, the following values are not allowed:

  • *.mark-done
  • *.auto
Returns Array.<Section>

Type definitions

The Configuration namespace includes the following object types:


Description Represents the JSON structure of a configuration section. Each section includes a list of key/value pairs for the matching option(s).
Type Object
Name Type Description
name string The name of the configuration option.
value string or array of strings The value of the configuration option.
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