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gim-etl Section


Use the ETL section of a Genesys Info Mart application to configure the extraction, transformation, and loading of contact center data. This section also defines the location of the aggregation engine and must be named [gim-etl].

The options described on this page, as well as other options that are available in the [gim-etl] section, are described in the Genesys Info Mart Configuration Options Reference.


Default Value: GIMAgg.GimInterfaceImpl.AggregationImpl
Valid Values: GIMAgg.GimInterfaceImpl.AggregationImpl, none
Changes Take Effect: After restart

Specifies the name of the Java class that controls the aggregation process. Specify the following value to enable aggregation: GIMAgg.GimInterfaceImpl.AggregationImpl

For more information, see the Reporting and Analytics Aggregates Deployment Guide.

Note that this option is also described in the Genesys Info Mart Options Reference along with other options in the [gim-etl] section.

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