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Script Options

Script objects specified in the contact center configuration define the interaction queues and interaction workbins used to manage multimedia interactions. The Reporting and Analytics Aggregates (RAA)–related options described on this page enable you to control reporting behavior at the level of individual interaction queues or workbins.

Script options that affect RAA reporting are contained in the following configuration sections, configured on the Annex of Script objects:

For more information about configuring RAA–related options for interaction queues and workbins, see Configuring Script Objects.

For RAA–related options that you configure in a Script object, changes take effect on the next ETL cycle. The new option value is not applied to previously loaded facts.

agg-gim-thld-QUEUE-IXN Section



Default Value: The value specified by the default option.
Valid Values: Same as the default option.
Changes Take Effect: Upon the next run of aggregation.

Specifies up to six values that correspond to the short-abandoned, acceptance, and accepted-by-agent thresholds for interactions of the media type that is identified by the name of this option. This name must correspond to a value that exists in the MEDIA_TYPE.MEDIA_NAME_CODE field of Info Mart.

For example:
For the named media only, the value of this option overrides the previously defined default.

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