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agg-gim-thld-QUEUE-ACC Section


This section must be named [agg-gim-thld-QUEUE-ACC] or [agg-gim-thld-QUEUE-ACC-<GIMApplObj>], where <GIMApplObj> is the name of a configured Genesys Info Mart application within the same configuration environment.
For example:
The thresholds that you configure in this section pertain to the H_QUEUE_ACC_AGENT hierarchy. You can configure up 19 thresholds for classifying speed-of-accept times for the first handling of interactions that are distributed from a particular queue.
To learn which measure definitions rely on the values of thresholds in this section, refer to column descriptions of the H_QUEUE_ACC_AGENT hierarchy in the Reporting and Analytics Aggregates Physical Data Model documentation for your RDBMS:


Default Value: The value specified by the default option.
Valid Values: Same as the default option.
Changes Take Effect: Upon the next run of aggregation.

Specifies up to 19 thresholds of agent-response times, in seconds, for interactions of the media type that is identified by the name of this option. This name must correspond to a value that exists in the MEDIA_TYPE.MEDIA_NAME_CODE field of Info Mart.

For example:
For the named media only, the value of this option overrides the previously defined default value.


Default Value: 5,15,30,45,60,90,120,180,240,3600,7200,14400,28800,43200,57600,72000,86400,172800,259200
Valid Values: a,b,c,d,e,f,g,h,i,j,k,l,m,n,o,p,q,r,s where each letter represents an integer from 0 to 2³¹-1 and the sequence must increase monotonically. Specifying a 0 value at any position terminates the sequence from that point at which 0 was specified.
Changes Take Effect: Upon start of the next aggregation cycle

Specifies up to 19 thresholds of agent-response times, in seconds, for the first handling of contact center interactions. This option controls what data the aggregation process writes to the ACCEPTED_AGENT_STI columns of the AG2_QUEUE_ACC_AGENT_* aggregate tables.

For example, RAA attributes an interaction to the ACCEPTED_AGENT_STI_1 column if the agent’s response time, x, for the interaction falls within the first bucket: 0 < x <= 1stThreshold, where 1stThreshold, by default, is 5 seconds.
Interactions are attributed to the ACCEPTED_AGENT_STI_9 column if the agents’ response times fall within the 9th bucket, which is defined, by default, as: 180 < xi <= 240, where i is a specific interaction.
ACCEPTED_AGENT_STI_20 receives the tally of all interactions in which agent response times fall beyond the 19th threshold (259200 seconds or 3 days, by default). If you specify fewer than 19 thresholds, the aggregation process internally supplies a values of 0 for each unspecified threshold to terminate the sequence; that is: 5,15,30 is equivalent to 5,15,30,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0.

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