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agg-gim-thld-CHAT-ACC Section


This section must be named either: [agg-gim-thld-CHAT-ACC] or [agg-gim-thld-CHAT-ACC-<GIMApplObj>] where <GIMApplObj> is the name of a configured Genesys Info Mart application within the same configuration environment.
For example:
The thresholds that you configure in this section affect metrics in the AGT_CHAT_AGENT and AGT_CHAT_AGENT_GRP tables.


Default Value: The value specified by the default option.
Valid Values: A value that exists in the Genesys Info Mart MEDIA_TYPE.MEDIA_NAME_CODE field.
Changes Take Effect: After restart

An option name that corresponds to a value that exists in the Genesys Info Mart table MEDIA_TYPE.MEDIA_NAME_CODE field.


Default Value: 15
Valid Values:
Changes Take Effect: After restart

Specifies the accept-duration-threshold, defining the amount of time, in seconds, that we expect a customer to wait for an agent.

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