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Before you start deploying a Solution Package by using Genesys Administrator Extension, make sure that you have performed the following tasks:

  • Install the latest version of Local Control Agent (LCA) on the target hosts. This also installs and configures the Genesys Deployment Agent on each host. Refer to the Framework 8.x Deployment Guide for instructions.
  • Install Java SDK on the target hosts to enable them to process the deployment instructions.
  • To enable Genesys Administrator Extension to access the IPs that are required by the Solution Definition, configure a folder to be accessed by both Genesys Administrator and Genesys Administrator Extension. This folder will be the IP Repository for Solution Deployment (ASD).
  • In Genesys Administrator, upload the necessary IPs into the shared IP Repository. Refer to the Framework 8.1 Genesys Administrator Help for instructions.

Refer to the Genesys Administrator Extension 8.1 Deployment Guide for a complete list of prerequisites requires for Genesys Administrator Extension and for Automatic Service Deployment.

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