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Parameter Types

The Operational Parameter type appears in the Type field of the properties of a parameter.

Type Description
Audio Resource The ARID of an Audio Resource.
Boolean True or false only.
Configuration Object The type of a configuration object, which is specified in the Object Type field of the parameter's properties. Currently, only the following types are supported:
  • Agent Group
  • DN
  • Person (more often referred to as User)
  • Place
  • Place Group
  • Skill
  • Stat Server
Custom List Valid values are limited to the values that are specified in a user-defined list, specified in the Custom List/Custom Value field of the properties of the parameter.
Date A date value, in the format yyyy-mm-dd.
Integer A 0 (zero), negative, or positive number with no decimal value.
Personality The name of a Personality, given by the Personality Identifier value that is specified in the list of Personalities.
String A string of characters, both alphanumeric and symbols.
Time A time value, in the format hh:mm.
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