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Changing Report Granularity

After you create a Report, you can change its granularity, then create a new report and the new results display instantly on the screen. The date range for the new report is based on the previous report's latest time stamp. If you changed the granularity from Daily to Weekly or Monthly, it automatically updates to the latest week or month of that time stamp. The Report Header is updated to display the adjusted interval. When you generate the new report, the records with the correct level of aggregation display. When you change the granularity from either Monthly or Weekly to Daily, all records display.

Information.png Note: Each time that you generate a report, the current date and time will be updated.

To change the granularity:

  1. From the Granularity drop-down list in the Filters screen, select a level of granularity that is different from that which is in the current report.
  2. Click Generate.
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