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Genesys Administrator Extension enables you to customize the interface to suit your personal preferences. These preferences take effect each time that you, or anyone using your login credentials, logs in to Genesys Administrator from any browser.

To open the Preferences dialog box, click Preferences in the upper right corner of the main Genesys Administrator Extension screen. The dialog box contains three options:

Locale Window

On the Locale window, you can set the following preferences by selecting the appropriate radio button:

Preference (field name) Description
Date Format The format in which dates are to be displayed in Genesys Administrator Extension.
Start of Week The day on which you consider the week to start, either Sunday or Monday.
Number Format The format in which numbers are to be displayed.

Reporting Window

On the Reporting window, you specify how Genesys Administrator Extension paginates License Usage Reports, in terms of the number of lines of data that are displayed per page. You can use the Prev and Next buttons to page through a report if the report length is greater than the value set in Page Size. You can change this value at any time, and it will apply to the next report that you generate.

Advanced Window

On the Advanced window, you can specify the logging level for Genesys Administrator Extension JavaScript logging. You need to set this only if instructed to do so by support personnel. Use the drop-down list to set the level to one of the following:

  • Debug—All (error, warning, info, and debug) logs are generated.
  • Info—Error, warning, and info logs are generated.
  • Warning—Only error and warning logs are generated.
  • Error—Only error logs are generated.
  • Off—Logging is disabled.

Information.png Note: These logs can be viewed in the browser console, and should not be confused with Tomcat logs.

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