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Trends Analysis

Trend analysis is the viewing and comparing of forecast metrics and actual performance over consistent time periods. In Genesys Decisions, the Trends feature is used to view your forecast assumptions and predictions graphically over time, and to compare them to historical data for the same time period in prior years. In trend analysis this is performed using graphs generated using the Trends window.

Using the Trends Window

  1. Click the Trends button, or click Results > Trend Analysis. The trend analysis window will open.
  2. Select a Category, Metric, Interval, Chart Type, and Currency.
  3. To add a series, click Add. A new window will appear asking for several inputs. These inputs include Center, Staff Type, Contact Type/Group, Business Unit, Series Type, Offset, Start Date and End Date. After this is complete, click OK.
    To edit an existing series in the trends window. Select one in the list you wish to modify, and click the Edit button.
    To delete an existing series in the trends window. Select one in the list you wish to delete, and click the Delete button.

Multiple series can be added and analyzed on the same trends chart. The offset setting adjusts where the series data range appears on the chart so that the different series can be aligned appropriately.

  1. Select an X-axis label from the drop down at the top right side of the window.
  2. Click Execute. The application will generate the trends graph and related data. There are tabs on the top left hand corner of the graph where you can choose Data to view numbers or Chart to look at the graph (graph is default).
  3. Click the Save button to save the chart as a .jpg file for emailing.
  4. Right-click the chart and copy it to the Windows clipboard to paste into another application.
  5. Click Close to close the Trends Window.
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