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Decisions Deployment

Genesys Decisions is a multi-user what-if analysis staff planning and budget planning system for contact center networks. Using Genesys Decisions, users will quickly and accurately develop weekly, monthly, annual, and multi-year planning scenarios. Each scenario delivers:

  • Forecasts of key drivers (for example, contact volume, handle time, shrinkage)
  • Weekly and monthly hiring, as well as overtime and leave plans
  • Weekly and monthly ASA, abandon rate, occupancy, and service level predictions
  • Detailed budgeting and variable labor cost variance analysis

This guide is intended for system administrators, network engineers, and others who plan to install the Decisions application and Data Mart. It includes the prerequisites, installation, and post‐installation procedures necessary for a successful installation of Decisions. This guide is valid for the 9.0 releases of this product.

Before you begin a new installation, Genesys strongly recommends that you read the release and installation documentation for this product:

Release Package

The Decisions Release Package includes the following:

  • Client application installation executable
  • Database deployer executable
  • Data Bus service installation executable
  • Documentation
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