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Move to Production

After the successful deployment and installation of the Decisions database(s) and applications in a test/non-production environment, Genesys recommends that you perform some basic connectivity testing. This page includes the list of tasks to perform as part of this testing, as well as links to additional content. This page also includes a task list for deploying Decisions to a production environment after you have successfully completed testing in a non-production environment.

Basic Connectivity Testing

Genesys recommends that you perform some basic connectivity testing in your test or lab environment. Detailed steps for the following connectivity testing tasks can be found in the Genesys Decisions Administration guide:

  1. Log in to the application(s).
  2. Add the unmapped routing.
  3. Map the import file path.
  4. Test the import.

After the successful completion of basic user testing, you can deploy Genesys Decisions in your production environment.

Move the Decisions Installation to Production

Use the following task list to move your Decisions installation to your production environment:

  1. Back up the Decisions database on the test SQL Server instance.
  2. Restore the Decisions database on the production SQL Server instance.
  3. Follow the steps for deploying the Decisions Data Mart Database.
  4. Follow the steps for installing the Decisions Data Bus service.
  5. Follow the steps for adding the appropriate AD groups.
  6. Follow the steps for adding the SQL Server Authentication account.
  7. Modify the Administration application, User application, and Data Bus service configuration files to include the production environment information.

Modify Configuration Files

Modify the AdminCenterbridge.exe.config file and the Centerbridge.exe.config file to point to your production SQL Server instance and the production database. If Data Mart is configured, you also must update the files with the Data Mart and Data Bus binding information.


<Database connectionType="SQLServer" databaseServer="Test" databaseName="Test"/></Server>
      <endpoint binding="netTcpBinding" address="net.tcp://YOURSERVERNAME:808/PublicationService"
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