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Publish Scenario

Publishing scenario data to Data Mart is accomplished by clicking the Publish button in Decisions User. This window gives the user the ability to publish scenario data to the Data Mart. Once the scenario is worked in to a fashion where they want its data shared with others, they use the Publish window to select the location of where the data goes in the Data Mart.

The form duplicates Data Mart Explorer with the addition of publishing functionality.

Data Source field: This field is used to enter in the name of the publication. It will not allow the user to Publish a data source in the folder that already has a publication of the same name. The data source field has a maximum of 256 characters

Include Staffing Requirements checkbox: When this checkbox is turned ON, when publishing the data source to Data Mart, it will calculate the staffing data. When this checkbox is turned OFF, it will not calculate the staffing data.

Publish button: When the user selects the location and then types in the name of the Publication, clicking the Publish button will start the publishing action.

Cancel button: Click the Cancel button to close the Publish window.

Staffing Requirements

Genesys Decisions generates Staff Requirements for each group behind the scenes. Genesys Decisions uses goals that were last used or the defaults if it has not been run.

To include staffing requirements in the scenario you are plan to publish - select "Include Staffing Requirements" checkbox on the bottom left the corner. When this checkbox is selected, Genesys Decisions will calculate the staffing data and fill it in the tables. Goals are also published to add context to the Staff Requirements.

When this checkbox is unselected, it will not calculate the staffing data.

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