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Displaying History

From the History drop-down box in the Decisions application interface, under Display Options, choose the desired history to display. The history options are:

  • Actuals: Displays historical actuals for the scenario main grid items imported from other systems, entered or edited by the Genesys Decisions System Administrator, or calculated by the application from imported or entered historical data.
  • Scenario: Shows the numbers that were originally predicted by this scenario for periods prior to the current start date of this scenario.
  • None: Removes the history from the display, leaving only the forecasted or plan numbers visible.
Historical actuals can only be edited using the administrative program. If you would like to edit historical actuals, contact your Genesys Decisions System Administrator.

Changing the History Range

Use the History Range option to edit the range of history values that you are viewing on the main grid. In the History Range box, under Display Options, enter the appropriate number of months or weeks that you would like to view. The scenario viewer will change accordingly.

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