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Data Entry View

What is the Data Entry View?

The Data Entry view was created for seamless data entry. You can enter data into all input metrics from the main grid, staff parameters, and financial parameters using this window. When entering data in this window, it is as if it is in edit mode. This means that you can enter multiple values without the scenario recalculating with each entry. The scenario will recalculate when the data entry window is closed. It can also sort and/or filter by:

  • Center
  • Staff Type
  • Contact Type
  • Contact Group
  • Business Unit

Using the Data Entry View

To open the Data Entry View, select Input > Data Entry View.

Once in the Data Entry View, the following options are available:

  • Print: To print the current window, click the Print button at the top left hand corner of the window.
  • Export: Click the Export menu button on the top left hand corner of the window. It will prompt with two options, HTML or Excel/Text. This allows for the ability to export directly to a default web browser (HTML), Excel document or Text document.
  • Undo: To undo any changes made in the data entry view, select the button Undo. This gives the option of undoing up to the last 3 changes made in the data entry view.

Shortcut menu options are available in Data Entry View.

To enter data into Data Entry View:

  1. From the left window pane, expand a category and select the desired metric.
  2. To filter the data grid displayed, select from the following categories at the top of the window: Center, Staff Type, Contact Type, Contact Group, and Business Unit.
  3. Input or update data as desired.
  4. When data entry is complete, close the data entry window. At this time the scenario will recalculate.
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