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Using the Import Learning History Module

Use the Import Learning History module to input learning information, as well as staffing information (all starting FTE values), from actual historical data. The imports created in your modeling plan determine what information can be imported. Also, your model must contain the enhanced staffing imports for this module to be active.

Working with the Import Learning History Module

Open a new or existing scenario on which the desired FTE changes will be executed.

Open the Import Learning History module by clicking the menu Input > Import Learning History. The following are instructions on how to run the Import Learning History module (that is, the Learning Expert window):

  1. In the Select Center-Staff... section, there is a list of all the available center and staff type combinations related to the environment. You can select the individual center and staff type combinations by clicking the check box within the desired row, or select them all by checking the box labeled Select All Center-Staff, which displays below the window.
  2. In the Select Learning Options... section, choose a History Date to Apply by selecting a week in the drop-down menu for which you would like for it to apply the starting FTE in the scenario. With the week applied, select one of the two following options:
    • The Shift Agents Forward in Classroom Training/Learning Curve option will shift the learning curve weeks and classroom training weeks forward, depending on the history week applied.
    • Keep Classroom Training/Learning Curve Information will keep all of the learning curve and classroom training FTE/week information stagnant, and only import the Beginning Non-learning Agents.
  3. After checking to make sure that your selections are correct, click Next to proceed to the data validation screen. The data validation screen displays the following:
    • Remaining Classroom Training Weeks (and FTE values)
    • Learning Curve Weeks (and FTE values)
    • Beginning Non-Learning
    All of these values are populated using this module. Be sure, after applying the values, to double-check the scenario to make sure the imported values make sense.

You can print and export data from the Import Learning History module's validation screen.

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