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Distribution Viewer

The Distribution Viewer allows users to view how calls are historically distributed throughout a given day in the week. Different categories of information such as Call Volume, AHT and Staffing can be selected and viewed in the Distribution Viewer. Suppose we want to view call volumes for all Mondays in a given date range. After creating a series, the Distribution Viewer will create a chart and data table displaying all of the data throughout the given day. Depending on what date range we choose, multiple Mondays could be averaged to provide the appropriate data. The Y-axis will include the percentage of the weekly total and the X-axis will provide the hours throughout the day.

Using the Distribution Viewer

To open the Distribution Viewer, click Results > Distribution Viewer.

Options within the Distribution Viewer include Print, Save, Export, and Close.

  • Select the Category: Call Volume, AHT, or Inbound Staffed Agents.
  • Select the chart type: Line or Bar

To view the distribution chart, you must add at least one series. When you have finished adding series (one or multiple), click Execute. Use the Chart and Data tabs to view the distribution.

  • The time zone of the distribution is shown on the right, above the Execute button.
  • To alter the Y-axis (dependent) labels, use the Y-axis minimum and maximum text boxes at the top of the window. The Y-axis minimum and maximum text boxes are available only after you click Execute to generate the distribution data.
  • To alter the X-axis (independent) labels, choose from the drop-down list in the upper right corner of the window.

Adding a Series

  1. Click Add to add a series.
  2. Enter the Series Name, and select a Contact Group, Routing Legend, and Day of the Week.
  3. To average records, select Average Records. To show error bars, select Show Error Bars. The error bars show the variance over the data range at each data point.
  4. Select a date range for the given series.
  5. Click OK.

Editing a Series

  1. Select the series you wish to edit, and click Edit.
  2. Make the appropriate changes to the series, and then click OK.

Deleting a Series

  • Select the series you wish to delete, and click Delete.
  • When asked “Are you sure you want to delete?”, click Yes.
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