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Working with Foreign Currencies

Forecasting using Foreign Currencies

With Genesys Decisions, you can enter assumptions in a foreign currency for center, staff types that use foreign currencies for cost accounting. The application can automatically convert all foreign currency metrics to a common base currency for comparison purposes in rollup reporting.

In addition, financially related report line items for a center, staff type with foreign currencies can be displayed in either the systems base currency or in the center staff types foreign currency.

History and forecast information for a department must be consistent; that is, if historical payroll information for a department is imported in a foreign currency, then financial assumptions in the Financial Parameters window must be input in the foreign currency. Likewise, if historical payroll information is imported in the system's base currency (for example, U.S. dollars or Euros), then forecast assumptions must be entered in the base currency.

Establishing the Currency for a Center/Staff Type

To establish the currency for a center staff type:

  1. Click the Financials button, or click Input > Financial Parameters.
  2. Select the center/staff type that you wish to work with.

Currency Ratio [Local to Base]

Enter the ratio of the local currency to the system’s base currency into this metric located in the last row of the assumption grid. The default for this field is 0, which means that the center/staff type uses the system’s base currency.

If the department uses a currency other than the system’s base currency, enter the appropriate ratio; for example, entering 1.25 indicates that 1.25 units of local currency are equal to one unit of base currency.

Viewing Reports in Local and Base Currencies

To view reports in a particular currency, click the Reports button or click Results > Report Expert and create a new report or select an existing report. When the Report Template viewer opens, click the Settings drop-down box and select the option labeled Currency. Select Local Currency to display the relevant financial related metrics in the report in local currency or Base Currency to display those metrics in the base currency.

If Local Currency is selected on a report that contains center/staff types that use different currencies, the relevant financial metrics for each center/staff type will be displayed in that center/staff type's local currency. Financial values in this report will be displayed in multiple currencies (for example, US center/staff type values will be reported in US dollars, Canadian center/staff type values will be reported in Canadian dollars, and so on).
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