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Data Synchronization

Workforce Management (WFM) Server performs data synchronization automatically, bringing Configuration Database objects, such as agents, agent skills, and time zones into WFM. You can set the level of synchronization for full and real-time synchronization, and set the time period, in which you want WFM to perform full synchronization.

WFM Server can only update usernames and email addresses of existing users. New users are not imported during synchronization. New users are imported manually using WFM Web.

You configure this functionality in the ConfigService section of the WFM Server Application Options tab. For more information, see the SynchronizationLevel and SynchronizationTimeout configuration options.

Before you configure these options, take note of the objects that WFM Server will synchronize when set to these levels 1 and 2:

SynchronizationLevel = 1 SynchronizationLevel = 2
Only Sites associates with the current WFM Server are synchronized. All Sites are synchronized, except those that are associated with another WFM Server.
Sites that are not associated with any WFM Server are also synchronized.
To avoid errors during synchronization and further work, your configuration must not contain duplicate names for switches, time zones, or skills—not under different tenants, and not in different Genesys Administrator instances that access the same WFM database.
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