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WFM Statistics: Recommended Settings

This topic provides recommendations for configuring statistics for Genesys Stat Server, Voice Interactions, and Genesys eServices (Multimedia) Interactions, in the following sections:

Configuring Stat Server Statistics

You configure the Stat Server statistics that WFM Data Aggregator tracks and records using WFM Web. Therefore, you must configure certain Stat Server settings required by WFM before launching WFM Web and completing the WFM Data Aggregator configuration (see Configuring Data Aggregator).

In addition, you must locate or configure in Genesys Administrator the necessary Stat Server statistics for tracking WFM activities, so they will be available when configuring WFM Data Aggregator statistics in the WFM Web.

You must restart Stat Server after configuration changes.

You must configure two parameters in Stat Server: TimeProfile and TimeRange.

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WFM Data Aggregator uses TimeProfile to order statistics for WFM activities from Stat Server based on a specific interval of time. This time interval is configured in Stat Server as TimeProfile.

To configure the time profile, check the TimeProfiles section on the Options tab of the Stat Server Application object. If it does not exist, create this section.

After locating or creating this section, add the options:

  • WFMProfile,Growing=0:00+0:15
  • TimeProfileName,Growing=0:00+0:15

TimeProfileName indicates the name of the time profile to be used. The 0:15 parameter indicates that the request statistics are based on 15-minute intervals.

A 15-minute interval is the only timestep currently supported.

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WFM Data Aggregator uses TimeRange to request that the service-factor statistics be calculated, based on the specified time interval. Usually, service factor is calculated as X% of calls answered in Y seconds. The Y seconds must be configured as the TimeRange parameter.

After you configure the time range, Stat Server uses it by default and returns the value for any service-factor statistic as X% of calls answered in [TimeRange] seconds. To configure the time range, check for the TimeRanges section of the Stat Server Application object. If it does not exist, create this section.

After locating or creating this section, add these options:

  • TimeRange10=0-10
  • TimeRange15=0-15
  • TimeRange20=0-20
  • TimeRange30=0-30
  • TimeRange60=0-60
  • TimeRange90=0-90

In this case, 10, 15, 20, and so on, represent the Y seconds portion of the service factor calculation described above.

You can configure multiple time ranges for multiple service-level goals. A Customer Service goal of 80 percent of calls answered in 30 seconds and a Corporate Customer Service goal of 90 percent of calls answered in 10 seconds is configured as follows:

  • CustTimeRange '0-30'
  • CorpTimeRange '0-10'

After you configure TimeRange statistic, use this option when configuring the Stat Server request in the WFM Web.

After restarting Stat Server, be certain that during initialization the TimeProfile and TimeRange statistics proceed successfully. See the Stat Server documentation for more details.

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Table: Recommended Stat Server Statistics

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