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Customized View in Web for Agents

Workforce Management (WFM) enables you to add custom views to the Web for Agents interface, which in turn provides customized information to specific agents. For example, the agent might see their adherence in a customized format.

WFM itself does not provide this information, but rather obtains it via a URL to a custom application that gathers data from either a third-party database or the WFM API. While WFM supports the custom view, it does not provide the functionality to produce the data used in the custom view.

This functionality is controlled by configuration options in the WFM Web Application. Use Genesys Admnistrator to enable it, by creating a new section named AgentCustom in the WFM Web Application's Options tab. In the new section, add the following values:

  • name
  • url
  • agenttag
All three options must be added for the custom module to appear in the Web for Agents interface.

After these options are configured, the custom view is displayed together with WFM Web for Agents' standard modules at the top of the interface.

For a complete description of these configuration options, see the AgentCustom section.

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