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Conference Model

In BroadWorks, a conference bridge is logically established by the conference controller device. BroadWorks CTI messaging does not include any messages that inform other conference participants that they are included in the conference. All call sessions remain the same before and after establishing a conference.

In the CSTA model, all conference members (including the conference controller) are connected to the same CSTA call, which is illustrated in the clickable figure below:

CSTA Conference Model Flow.

BroadWorks Compared to the CSTA Conference Model

In a conference scenario, BroadWorks Connector uses BroadWorks Events so the conference controller device can link multiple CallSessions into a single CSTA Call. In general, the CSTA conference model does not apply additional restrictions on the conference controller device. Due to BroadWorks' specific way of reporting conference calls, the following restrictions are applied at the CSTA-level to the conference controller device (Device 1 in the figure above):

  • The conference controller cannot be deleted from the conference call without ending the entire conference call.
  • The consultation call from the conference controller is supported, however the Reconnect Call and Transfer Call CSTA operations are not available for the conference controller.
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