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log-filter-x Section

Use the log-filter-x section configuration options to hide sensitive data from log(s). The sensitive data is masked by asterisks (*) in the log file. See, Hiding Data in Logs for further details.

Connector also uses the log section which is common to T-Server. See, The CSTA T-Server for Connector Deployment Guide wiki for full details of these options.


(Anything can be used for the option name(s) in this section.)

Default Value: None
Valid Value: Perl-compatible regular expression (PCRE)
Changes Take Effect: Immediately

For detailed information about PCRE syntax, please refer to http://pcre.org.

A PCRE with or without string sub-patterns. If the expression contains a parenthesis-delimited capture sub-expressions, these sub-string matches are masked. Otherwise, the remainder of the string after the matching expression are masked. To define a sub-string that is a part of matching expression, but is not a part of the sensitive data, a non-capturing sub-expression can be used and is denoted by (?:).

For example, the pattern: User (?:PIN|pin|account) can be used to mask everything after the full match of the word User followed by PIN, pin or account, but these words themselves are not masked. A case insensitive match can be forced by prefixing the expression with the following PCRE option: (?i).


[Pp]assword:? *

Masks the following: everything after the word password, the possible colon and any white space up to the end of the line. There are no sub-patterns, so everything is masked after a greedy algorithm match of the entire pattern.

For example:

User password (syspw) becomes
User password *******


Masks everything between the double quotes that is preceded by digits.

For example:

collectedDigits: numberString "773645" becomes
collectedDigits: numberString "******"


The account consists of two parts:

  1. a 6-digit sort code
  2. a dash and a variable-length number that is four digits or more

The pattern inhibits the first four digits of the sort code (first sub-pattern), up to the five first digits of the account number (second sub-pattern) but shows the last two digits of the sort code and at least one last number of the account number, or all of the last numbers after the initial five digits that are suppressed.

Matching of the word account is case-insensitive due to the preceding option.

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