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Connector processes incoming CSTA requests according to device types specified in the request. The result of a CSTA request invocation varies according to different types of targets.

Request Groups Requirements

BroadWorks CTI interface offers different subset of requests for different types of resources. See, BroadWorks Requests and CTI Interface Specification, v 1.6. BroadSoft for more information on BroadWorks request applicability.

Request Response

BroadWorks Connector uses responses received from BroadWorks CTI to generate appropriate response(s) to send to CSTA clients.


Event Subscription

BroadWorks Connector subscribes to specific types of notifications called Event Packages. Different types of event packages are required for different device types. For example, Routing Points require Route Point Queue event package subscription. Refer to CTI Interface Specification, v 1.6. BroadSoft for further details.

Event Processing

BroadWorks CTI events are translated into a common set of CSTA events, which are independant (generally) from the resource type. See, BroadWorks Events for more information.

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