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Call Models

BroadWorks Connector uses the computer-supported telecommunications applications (CSTA) call model for reporting. BroadWorks CTI uses a call model that is similar to the CSTA call model. Genesys BroadWorks Connector translates BroadWorks CTI objects into CSTA objects.

The clickable figure below displays the difference between the BroadWorks Call Model and the CSTA Call Model:

BroadWorks vs CSTA Call Model

Note: The BroadWorks conference call model does not fit the CSTA call model. See, the BroadWorks Conference Model topic for more details.


The Subscriber ID in BroadWorks uniquely identifies an addressable telephony system user—a subscriber. Subscribers are normally assigned an E.164 number. For compatibility with the CSTA Device Identifier, the E.164 phone number format is used for the Subscriber ID in BroadWorks CTI and CSTA. Refer to the International Telecommunication Union (ITU) E.164 Numbering Plan: http://www.itu.int/rec/T-REC-E.164/en for further details.

BroadWorks Connector translates the public directory number used by BroadWorks to identify subscribers into a private directory number that is used in CSTA switching and computing functions. The CSTA Device Monitoring service is translated to a BroadWorks User Subscription on all available event packages for the specified device type.

BroadWorks Connector supports a subscription for the following BroadWorks resources:

  • User—Translates to a virtual or real endpoint.
  • Call Center—Translates to a CSTA ACD device.
  • Routing Point—Translates to a CSTA Routing device.


A call session in BroadWorks is identified by a BroadWorks External Tracking ID. An External Tracking Id is translated into a CSTA Call ID. All External Tracking ID changes are reflected in the appropriate CSTA event reporting.


A call in the BroadWorks CTI call model is a logical connection between a subscriber and a call session Therefore, a BroadWorks call is translated into a CSTA Connection. However, the BroadWorks Call ID is not equivalent to the CSTA Call ID because two or more parties on a call have different BroadWorks Call IDs. The BroadWorks Call ID is actually a party ID. The BroadWorks external tracking ID is equivalent to a CSTA Call ID. Due to this characteristic, the BroadWorks Call ID is mapped to a CSTA dynamic device ID element of the CSTA Connection ID.

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