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ACD and the Agent Model

Agent assignment to a BroadWorks Contact Center device is provisioned in BroadWorks configuration and can not be controlled through computer telephony integration (CTI); That means that which ACD Queue the agent takes calls from cannot be controlled through CTI. The call is then automatically distributed to agents in the Available state. The agent state can be changed using CTI requests. No state transition restrictions are applied by BroadWorks Connector, this is, a transition from any agent state is permissible to any state at any time.

Note: BroadWorks CTI has a limitation regarding ACD Queue assignments and does not provide a request to enable agents to modify their queue assignment. Agent assignment must be accomplished through BroadWorks configuration.

Agent Model

BroadWorks implements a simple agent model where all agent state changes are permitted. The following table provides a list of Broadsoft agent states along with BroadWorks Connector’s mapping into the CSTA agent state model.

Broadsoft Agent States Mapping

BroadWorks Agent State CSTA Agent State Comments

Agent Sign-in


This state is a temporary state while logging in.

Agent Available



Agent Unavailable



Agent Wrapping-up



Agent Signed-out



Agent State Synchronization

BroadWorks CTI issues an ACDAgentJoinUpdate event whenever an agent joins or leaves a queue as well as initial synchronization events when the BroadWorks Connector subscribes for these events. The BroadWorks Connector uses this information in these events to allow CSTA client's agent objects to remain synchronized with the switch status.

BroadWorks Connector sends the following CSTA Agent State events to its client whenever it receives an ACDAgentJoinUpdate event from the BroadWorks XSP server.

CSTA AgentState Evenst Sent to Clients

CSTA BroadWorks CTI

AgentState event:

ACDAgentJoinUpdate event:

  • device: acd subscriber id
  • subscriberId: agent subscriber id
  • agent ID: subscriber id
  • ACDAgentJoinInfo:
    • ACDUserId: acd subscriber id
    • agentACDState: agent_state
  • logged on state: true, if signed in


  • acd group: acd subscriber id


  • agent state: agent_state


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