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Antivirus Guidelines for Genesys Products

Genesys does not test with third-party software. It is possible, in rare cases, that the antivirus (AV) software could cause disruption in processing the applications. But the impact would depend on the settings that are configured for the antivirus software and individual Genesys products used in an environment. Technical Support will accept all Genesys related problems faced during the use of antivirus software. In most cases, the subsequent solution (recommended configuration changes, enabling/disabling particular scanners) should be addressed by the antivirus vendor.

For high performance media and signaling servers, Genesys recommends disabling any Real Time AV protections which may create delays that negatively impact media QoS and/or delivery. For digital media channels, it is critical to have AV enabled in the agent workstations. For email, AV protections should be applied in your email server.

For more information on the antivirus guidelines for each product, refer to the corresponding product documentation below:

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