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SNMPv3 Passwords

Starting in release 8.1, you can configure your SNMPv3 passwords for both authentication and data privacy so the passwords are:

  • masked when you type them into Genesys Administrator, and
  • encrypted by Configuration Server in the Configuration database.

Feature Description

There are two SNMPv3 passwords: one for authentication, and one for data privacy. Prior to Genesys release 8.1, these passwords were not masked (displayed as a string of asterisks, for example) when a user was entering them in the interface. They were also stored as plain text in the Configuration Database.

Starting in release 8.1, this feature masks the passwords when a user is entering them in Genesys Administrator, and encrypts them in the Configuration Database.

Feature Configuration

To configure this feature, set the following options in the options of the SNMP Master Agent Application object:

  • In the [snmp-v3-auth] section, set the password option to the password used for authentication by the SNMPv3 system.
  • In the [snmp-v3-priv] section, set the password option to the password used for data privacy in the SNMPv3 system.

The password option masks and encrypts the SNMPv3 user’s password used for authentication or data privacy, depending on the section ([snmp-v3-auth] or [snmp-v3-priv]) in which the option is configured.

For more information about this option and the related sections, refer to the Framework Configuration Options Reference Manual.

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