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Web Services & Applications Support for GDPR

This page describes product-specific aspects of Web Services & Applications support for the European Union's General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) in premise deployments. For general information about Genesys support for GDPR compliance, see General Data Protection Regulation.

Disclaimer: The information contained here is not considered final. This document will be updated with additional technical information.

Deleting PII

The gdpr_forget_me.py script provides an option to delete personal data from the Personal Favorites where the agent fills the information about the user.

The script can be run with the following parameters:

gdpr_forget_me.py [-h] [--gws GWS] --cass_keyspace CASS_KEYSPACE --cass_hostname CASS_HOSTNAME --cass_port CASS_PORT --search SEARCH [--group_name GROUP_NAME] [--cleanup CLEANUP] [--gws_username GWS_USERNAME] [--gws_user_password GWS_USER_PASSWORD] [--gws_additional_headers GWS_ADDITIONAL_HEADERS]


The following software packages are required to run this script:

  • Python 2.7
  • PyCassa 1.9.1
  • Requests 2.18.4


Parameter Name Mandatory Description
--cass_keyspace CASS_KEYSPACE Yes The Cassandra keyspace name.
--cass_hostname CASS_HOSTNAME Yes The Cassandra host name.
--cass_port CASS_PORT Yes The Cassandra thrift port.
--search SEARCH Yes The text (email or phone number) to be searched for.
-h, --help No Show this help message.
--group_name GROUP_NAME No The user group name.For example, interaction-workspace-personal-favorites.
--cleanup CLEANUP No When set to true, the script will send a request to GWS to delete the settings that match. The default value is false.
--gws_username GWS_USERNAME No The GWS user name with admin privileges. This user is used to delete matching data via GWS API.
--gws_user_password GWS_USER_PASSWORD No The password of the GWS user specified in gws_username.
--gws_additional_headers GWS_ADDITIONAL_HEADERS No The additional headers that will be added to the GWS request. CSRF headers must be added here. Headers are presented as JSON. For example, {"header_name": "header_value"}.


The script will search personal data for deleting by email agent1@pizza.com in all settings groups, but will not delete, because --cleanup argument isn't specified.

  • python gdpr_forget_me.py --cass_keyspace sipfs --cass_hostname localhost --cass_port 9160 --search agent1@pizza.com

The script will search email agent1@pizza.com in all settings groups and delete via GWS API.

  • python gdpr_forget_me.py --cass_keyspace sipfs --cass_hostname localhost --cass_port 9160 --search agent1@pizza.com --gws --gws_username admin@pizza.com --gws_user_password password --cleanup true

The script will search email agent1@pizza.com in all settings groups and delete via GWS API. The password of gws_username will be encrypted.

  • python gdpr_forget_me.py --cass_keyspace sipfs --cass_hostname localhost --cass_port 9160 --search agent1@pizza.com --gws --cleanup true

The script will search agent1@pizza.com in settings group with name 'interaction-workspace-personal-favorites' and delete via GWS API. 2 additional headers will be added to requests (X-CSRF-HEADER with value X-CSRF-TOKEN and X-CSRF-TOKEN with value 1434429f-81a8-459a-9d6d-792d17644471).

  • python gdpr_forget_me.py --cass_keyspace sipfs --cass_hostname localhost --cass_port 9160 --search agent1@pizza.com --gws https://gws-api-host:8099 --gws_username admin@pizza.com --gws_user_password password --cleanup true --group_name interaction-workspace-personal-favorites --gws_additional_headers "{\"X-CSRF-HEADER\": \"X-CSRF-TOKEN\", \"X-CSRF-TOKEN\": \"1434429f-81a8-459a-9d6d-792d17644471\"}"

Workspace Web Edition Support for GDPR

Workspace Web Edition is an agent facing User Interface that enables the handling of interactions such as voice calls, chats, emails , and social media between a contact center and its contacts (customers).

Workspace and Customer Data

Workspace handles customer data through connections to the Genesys back end, including Genesys Universal Contact Server, Salesforce CRM, Key-Value pairs captured by an IVR, web forms, and agent/contact interaction. These data are not owned or stored by Workspace and so will be dealt with through GDPR Forget Me requirements for those services.

However, Workspace might store customer personal information in Recent and Personal Favorites. Workspace can be configured to store a number of most recent contacts to enable agents to quickly resume interacting with someone they have recently worked with. Workspace can also be configured to enable agents to specify a contact as a Favorite. This feature enables the agent to quickly locate that contact's information to facilitate initiating a new interaction. Personal Favorite contacts store contact information until an agent unfavorites the contact.

Removing Recent contacts and Personal Favorite contacts information is handled through the GDPR Forget Me requirement for GWS Server.

Workspace also supports Corporate Favorites. Administrators can specify a list of targets for all agents or for groups of agents. Normally Corporate Favorites are internal business targets, not customers or external contacts, but it is possible that an administrator might configure an external contact, including their phone number and email address, as a Corporate Favorite. Since this information is owned by the administrator of the Genesys customer, it will not be covered by the GDPR Forget Me tool.
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