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Introducing the SMART Interface

The SMART interface contains the following main components:

SMART Interface.png

Number Description
1 Quick access to:
  • Refresh Icon.png Refresh: updates the display to include all of the latest SMART changes.
  • Apply Icon.png Apply: updates SpeechMiner with the the latest SMART changes.
  • Import Icon.png Import: enables you to import SMART instructions.
  • Export Icon.png Export: enables you to export SMART instructions.
2 Quick access to managing categories programs or topics.
3 Includes the options associated with the selected manager (that is, categories, topics or programs).
4 Contains icons for the options associated with the selected manager. If the left pane is not wide enough to display all the options, a drop-down menu appears.
5 Filters the tree according to the characters entered in the Filter field and the Show drop-down list (see item 7). Items in the tree that do not contain the characters in the Filter field will not appear in the tree.
6 Filters the tree according to the type of information you want to see:
  • Show All: shows all the items in the tree.
  • Show Active: shows all the active items. That is, categories and programs that can be applied to SpeechMiner.
  • Show Inactive: shows all the inactive items. That is, categories and programs that cannot be applied to SpeechMiner.
  • Show Updated since Apply: shows all the items that were changed since you last applied SMART changes to SpeechMiner.
  • Show Locked by Me: shows all the items locked by the current user.
  • Show Locked: shows all the locked items.
  • Show Not in Program: shows all the topics that have not been assigned to a program.
7 A list of the existing topics, categories or programs. The list you see depends on the selected manager.
8 A list of the sub-categories associated with the selected category in the Category Manager tree. This area is only available when Category Manager is selected.
9 Toggles between hiding Hide Left Pane.png and showing Show Left Pane.png the left pane. When the left pane is hidden, hover over the left area of the screen to expose the left pane and click the Show icon to show the left pane.
10 Displays all the open items.

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