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Introducing the Program Interface

The SMART Program interface contains the following main components:

Program Interface.png

Number Description
1 Displays the Program Manager.
2 Includes Program options.
3 Quick access to:
  • New program folder.png Creates a new program folder.
  • New program.png Creates a new program .
  • Open program.png Opens the selected program .
  • Delete program.png Deletes the selected program .
  • Filter program.png Filters the tree according to the characters entered in the field.
  • Show all programs.png Filters the tree according to the type of information you want to see:
    • Show All: Shows all the items in the tree.
    • Show Active: Shows all the active programs that can be applied to SpeechMiner.
    • Show Inactive: Shows all the inactive programs that cannot be applied to SpeechMiner.
    • Show Updated since Apply: Shows all the items that were changed since you last applied SMART changes to SpeechMiner.
    • Show Locked by Me: Shows all the items locked by the current user.
    • Show Locked: Shows all the locked programs.
4 Quick access to:
  • Save program.png Saves the selected Program details.
  • Toggle program direction.png Changes the direction of the selected Program diagram.
  • Show hide program details.png Shows / hides diagram details.
  • Show hide program list view.png Shows / hides List pane.
5 Quick access to:
  • Content: Displays the list of topics and non-linguistic data associated with the specific program .
  • Notes: Contains your notes about the specific program . You can add notes to this tab.
  • Triggers: Displays the links included in the program 's structure.
6 Program Structure: A diagram that displays the order in which the program 's items should appear in the interaction. SpeechMiner searches for interaction content according to the program structure.

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