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Introducing the Topic Interface

The SMART Topic interface contains the following main components:

Topic Interface.png

Number Description
1 Displays the Topic Manager.
2 Includes Topic options.
3 Quick access to:
  • New folder.png Creates a new topic folder.
  • New topic.png Creates a new topic.
  • Open topic.png Opens the selected topic.
  • Delete folder.png Deletes the selected topic.
  • Export topics.png Exports the selected topic(s). You can export more than one topic at a time.
  • Filter topics A.png Filters the tree according to the characters entered in the field.
  • Filter topics B.png Filters the tree according to the type of information you want to see:
    • Show All: Shows all the items in the tree.
    • Show Updated since Apply: Shows all the items that were changed since you last applied SMART changes to SpeechMiner.
    • Show Locked by Me: Shows all the items locked by the current user.
    • Show Not in Program: Shows all the topics that have not been assigned to the specific open program.
  • Add topic to program.png Adds the selected topic to the selected program in the right pane.
  • Cannot add topic.png Indicates that a program is not selected and therefore you cannot add the topic.
4 Manage selected phrases:
  • New topic term.png Adds the phrase(s) entered in the Text field to the selected Topic Text list.
  • Delete topic term.png Deletes the selected topic text.
  • Return deleted topic term.png Enables you to restore a deleted phrase to the list. This feature is only possible when the Show Deleted check box is selected.
  • Term strictness.png Enables you to change the level of strictness for the selected phrase. The level of Strictness defines how confident SpeechMiner must be to recognize a topic phrase.
5 Opens the Topic Analysis - Audits Report for the selected topic. The Audits Report contains data about how often the selected topic was identified by SpeechMiner and how accurate .
6 Shows all of the phrases in the selected topic.
7 Contains Auditing data for each phrase in the list.
8 Information bar for the selected topic. Includes the following information:
  • Applied Strictness: Indicates the level of strictness applied to the entire topic.
  • Saved On: The last time the topic was saved.
  • By: The user who saved the topic.
  • Saved Calls Since: Determine the date range of the data shown in the table.
  • Refresh Audits: Refreshes topic statistics at any time to incorporate information about newly processed interactions and audited Events.
9 Phrase list controls:
  • New/Update: Adds new text to the list or updates a change to the existing text selected.
  • Check Similar: When this check box is selected every new phrase that is added to the topic is automatically checked to verify that it does not already exist.
  • Show Deleted: Activates Restore so you can restore a deleted phrase to the list.
  • Mark Important: Assigns a heavier recognition weight to the selected words(s).
  • Filter: Automatically filters the Text list according to the letter or word in the Filter field.
  • Clear: Clears the Filter field.
  • Check Similar: Verifies if there are duplicate phrases in the specific topic and whether or not the topic's phrases exist in additional SMART topics.
  • Escapes: Ensures that SpeechMiner does not incorrectly identify the selected term with a similar term. That is, Escapes enables you to mark a term, to warn SpeechMiner that the term may sound like one or more additional terms. By creating a list of similar terms, Escapes ensures that SpeechMiner recognizes the selected term and not the similar terms.

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