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This page contains information to help you prepare to deploy Genesys Performance Management Advisors.

Before you begin deployment, you will make a plan to meet your specific needs. See the Genesys Hardware Sizing Guide for information about tested environments for Advisors (architecture, number of users per component per installation, and so on). The information is meant to help you develop sizing guidelines for your enterprise.

General Information about Advisors

The Advisors dashboards are accessed using a commercial browser, such as Mozilla Firefox. Advisors 8.5.x is incompatible with the Advisors browser from pre-8.5.0 releases. See the Performance Management Advisors section in the Genesys Supported Operating Environment Reference Guide for information about supported browsers.

The installation process has several distinct sections to accommodate different stages of system preparation. If some or all of the infrastructure software systems are already installed, various steps can be bypassed. It is important to get specific information about the location of these components from the original installer or the package manager.

You cannot mix database types within an Advisors installation. Each installation must be either wholly MSSQL or wholly Oracle.

The Advisors product suite requires the Genesys Configuration Server to be present, along with all its supporting components. Genesys recommends that you review the Contact Center Objects section in the Management Framework Deployment Guide before creating the Advisors business objects; in particular, note that there are specific requirements for Person objects' user names.

The Advisors product suite requires the Genesys Solution Control Server to be present because some Advisors modules integrate with the Solution Control Server. You require Genesys Management Framework components to support the integration. For those modules, Advisors supports warm standby high availability. See Integration with Solution Control Server and Warm Standby for more information.

Integration with the Solution Control Server is not optional – it is required in environments that do not use the warm standby setup, as well as those that do.

You must deploy the Contact Center Advisor (CCAdv) application (including XML Generator) and configure one or more Genesys metric data sources to use the Genesys Base Object Configuration page in the Administration module. Data manager requests no statistics for pre-configured objects until the CCAdv module, XML Generator, and Genesys metric data sources are deployed and working.

Advisors Genesys Adapters (AGA) can request statistics for CCAdv configured objects only after you start XML Generator. Previously, starting the Advisors Platform server was sufficient to have the CCAdv adapters request statistics for the CCAdv configured objects.

The Advisors Cisco Adapter is available only for Advisors releases prior to release 8.5.2. Support for Cisco data sources is discontinued starting with Advisors release 8.5.2. Advisors Cisco Adapter release was the final release for this Advisors component.

Performance Management Advisors Architecture

35px|link= The following figure shows the Performance Management Advisors architecture, including the data flow between Advisors components and other Genesys components. Yellow text in the diagram indicates Advisors components that support primary/backup high availability. Secure connections are supported between the user interfaces and Web servers, and between servers and databases, Genesys Configuration Server, Stat Server, and the Genesys WFM Server.

Pma architecture-drawing 852.png

About Advisors Applications

The following Table shows the dependencies amongst Advisors components. For each Advisors product in the Application column, the Table identifies any additional Advisor component that must be installed with it.

Application Requires these Components on the Same System Requires these Components within the Same Advisors Deployment
Frontline Advisor Advisors Platform
Advisors Genesys Adapter
Contact Center Advisor Advisors Platform
Advisors Genesys Adapter in a Genesys environment
Workforce Advisor Advisors Platform
Contact Center Advisor
Resource Management Console Advisors Platform

Supervisor Desktop Service

Contact Center Advisor
The startup of CCAdv XML Generator is no longer dependent on Advisors Platform (Geronimo) startup. Previously, Advisors Platform was required on the server on which you were deploying XML Generator, and you had to start Advisors Platform and ensure it was running before you started XML Generator. XML Generator can be installed on a server with Advisors Platform, but that is not required. XML Generator runs independently of Platform.

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