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Configure Resource Management Console Properties

You can configure parameters for the Resource Management console (RMC) to make the application more specific to the user configuration in your enterprise.

Edit the Advisors\conf\RMC.properties configuration file.

After you change properties in this file, restart the Advisors server on which RMC is running.

Automatic Dashboard Refresh Interval

By default, the RMC dashboard does not refresh the content automatically, however you can configure an automatic refresh. Set advisors.resourceManagement.refreshTimeSeconds to a number of seconds that is not zero (the default value). Genesys suggests a value of 60 or more. There is no benefit to setting the refresh interval to less than 60 seconds because it can take more than 45 seconds to retrieve information if a user opens the RMC dashboard to display the agents related to a level in the Contact Centers pane of a CCAdv or WA dashboard.

For example, to set the refreshTimeSeconds property value to 60:


Users of RMC can still click the Refresh button to refresh the dashboard at any time if it is not refreshing automatically.

Procedure: Tuning the RMC Refresh Interval

Purpose: To find out how long it takes for the RMC server to respond to a typical query for data, and to tune the refresh time based on that information.


  1. Edit the Advisors\conf\log4j.properties file::
    1. Set the logging category log4j.category.com.informiam.genesys.dcc to DEBUG.
    2. Save the file and wait at least one minute.
  2. Use RMC, opening its dashboard on data as you typically would in the CCAdv or WA dashboard.
  3. Examine the log to see how long it takes to process each request for agents' data.
  4. Set the refresh time to a higher value than the longest duration found.
  5. Set the logging category log4j.category.com.informiam.genesys.dccto INFO.
  6. Restart the Platform server that is running RMC.

Maximum Skill Level in Dashboard

In the RMC dashboard, users with the correct Advisors permission can assign and remove agent skills, as well as change the skill level of the agents’ existing skill. The dashboard presents a set of numeric skill levels, from 0 to n, where n is the maximum that can be assigned.

The default maximum skill level is 10. You can change it by setting advisors.resourceManagement.maxSkillLevel to a different value. To set it to 5, for example:


Number of Concurrent Users of RMC

The default value of the advisors.resourceManagement.expectedNumberConcurrentUsers=10 property is 10, which you can leave unchanged if you have 10 or fewer users using RMC simultaneously.

If you typically have more than 10 people using RMC simultaneously, the value should more accurately reflect the maximum number. If the value you use is too small in relation to the number of people simultaneously using RMC, then RMC might become slow to respond as more and more users open RMC.

Change the number of concurrent RMC users by setting advisors.resourceManagement.expectedNumberConcurrentUsers=10 to a different value. For example, to set it to 20:


Other RMC Properties

For details about other properties in the RMC.properties file, see Deploying SDS and RMC.

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