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Create the Data Manager Base Object Configuration User

You must configure a user account in Configuration Server so that security permissions can be assigned to allow object configuration for the CCAdv/WA module in the Advisors Administration module (Base Object Configuration page). This is the Object Configuration User. This user must be created in the Configuration Server before you install Advisors Platform. Advisors Platform installer prompts you for the account name.

Deployment Roadmap

The arrow icon in the following roadmap indicates where you are in the Advisors deployment process.

  1. [+] Install the databases that correspond to the Advisors products you will deploy.
  2. Pma you-are-here-arrow.png Create the Advisors User and the Object Configuration User in Configuration Server.
  3. [+] Install the Platform service on servers where it is required for Advisors components.
  4. Install each adapter that you will use and configure the adapter Application objects with Stat Server connections.
  5. [+] Install the Advisors components for your enterprise.
  6. Make any required configuration changes.

You create the Object Configuration User account in a Genesys configuration interface, such as Genesys Administrator or GAX. The Object Configuration User account is a container for security permissions for objects (agent groups, calling lists, and queues) in the Configuration Server. You grant a Read permission for the monitored objects to enable selection of one or more source objects as monitored objects in a deployment.

This configuration is not required on Platform deployments that do not have CCAdv/WA deployed. For example, if only FA is deployed on a particular Platform instance, this configuration must be left blank.

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