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Treatments define options for handling calls by describing sets of actions to be performed on each call result. For example, if the call result for an outbound call is NoAnswer, a treatment might be to redial the number at a later time or to dial a different phone number for the customer.

In addition to the standard treatments for busy signals, no answers, and so on, Outbound Contact gives the user the option to route, to an alternate DN, calls answered by fax machines or answering machines. For example, it can run a fax-on-demand campaign along with a campaign that plays messages to answering machines. This scenario requires a separate application that is responsible for playing prerecorded messages (for example, IVR or voice mail). You can create treatments and assign them to a calling list by using Genesys Administrator or Configuration Manager.

You can design customer-focused treatments by using SCXML scripts that allow you to customize contacting customers according to time of day, contact type/first contact, dial attempts, call results and so on.

For more information on treatments, see Call Handling and Treatments and SCXML-Based Treatments.

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