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Welcome to the Outbound Contact 8.1 Deployment Guide. These topics provide step-by-step instructions for the configuration and installation of the applications and components that are required to run Outbound Contact 8.1.

These topics are valid for all 8.1 release(s) of this product.

Note: For versions of this document created for other releases of this product, visit the Genesys Technical Support website, or request the Documentation Library DVD, which you can order by e-mail from Genesys Order Management at orderman@genesyslab.com.

Intended Audience

These topics are primarily intended for system engineers and other members of an implementation team who set and maintain Outbound Contact. It has been written with the assumption that you have a basic understanding of:

  • Computer-telephony integration (CTI) concepts, processes, terminology, and applications.
  • Network design and operation.
  • Your own network configurations.

You should also be familiar with the Genesys Framework architecture and functions that support Outbound Contact.

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